MIMI call Me

Unique. CHILD CAR MAT for MIMI QR rug leading to my phone number (each exemplary is unique and customed for the collector) and then adapt it so it can be a child car mat but still leading to ...


Holographic prints on dibond. Related to the SITES show in New Delhi Detail. Size 300 x 100 cm, 100 x 33 cm, 17 x 50 cm. [metaslider id="1388"] PRINTS ON CANVAS Size 50 x 50 cm


Collective performance ; to dye communist red flags and other red fabrics.

RESOLUMENT Installation & film

The last film of Stéphan Barron on his installation RESOLUMENT RESOLUMENT Video on VIMEO Le film sur l'installation RESOLUMENT est visible sur RESOLUMENT Video on VIMEO Résolument / YOUTUBE Greenwatchbags (EN) Résolument (FR)       Texte de Présentation ...

Résolu_ment – 27/28 june Montpellier

Texte de Présentation – Communiqué de Presse French (pdf) (If you need a translation or more explanations please contact us...) Installation in the lobby and around the starcase of an appartment house. Hundreds of supermarket bags collected in ...


Oo iiiiiii is an artproject for different cities, around art centers and Art events, Art shows and Biennals.   Oo iiiiiii can shown in several forms: discreet and personal, collaborative on a larger scale, official or not. More ...

ON/green 2020

Installation : painted glasses for Art Center and Museums… This installation will take place in Montpellier in January 2020. 120 meter of painted glass unlighted with black light.


  Installation, 200 and more painted supermarket shopping bags...   Installation : painted glasses for Art Center and Museums

Greenwatching (Performance, Installation, Objects…)

An article about Greenwatching In Paul Ardenne's book "Un art écologique, création plasticienne et anthoropocène" : Edition La Muette, Bruxelles, 2018, Pages 236 & 245 En Français dans le texte Greenwatching, Green dyed communist flag, Size 190x50 cm ...

DUST A Participative Planetary Performance – July 17

    Everyone can participate; there are no specific skills required, only strong commitment and extreme concentration. Each participant must first reflect on the feasibility of the task: What is a speck of dust? - The critical size ...