New Delhi, 28 januar 2021

Exhibition @ Lalit Kala Academi New Delhi

Institut Français Inde

A pilgrimage at the time of COVID.

The exhibition place @Lalit Kala Academi New Delhi
The SITES project is about our access to spirituality with the internet and our relation to Earth. What is our relation with spiritual location or sites at a distance.

A text by Anne Cauquelin (French) about SITES by Stéphan Barron.

Images are composed from captures taken from google street view of spiritual sites on Earth related to my life.
Each picture combines artefacts from google street views of these spiritual SITES.

QR codes lead to a google street view of a spiritual site.

People around the world are invited to send us any type of artwork related to their personal spiritual site. They may send a QR code, a poetic or a descriptive text, a picture (photograph, drawing, painting…), anything that could be transmitted by the instagram square picture, or multiple picture.
It could be a religious site or any site on Earth like a mountain, a tree, a place that make this person feel a high spiritual experience.

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