LUMA fondation Arles - 24 March 2019

A bike lanes ecofeminist pictogram in the shape of the clitoris.

Only visible rainy days or painted with chalk spray, or negative…

Oo iiiiiii is an artproject for different cities, around art centers and Art events, Art shows and Biennals.


Oo iiiiiii can shown in several forms: discreet and personal, collaborative on a larger scale, official or not.
More discreet, just as all the works of street art are, uniquely through St├ęphan Barron.

More official, participative, and collective.
A team of volunteers complete the act by spreading ideas throughout the city about complete bike paths or substitutions of old and erased bike paths.


Oo iiiiiii expresses the idea of a woman, elegant, intelligent and dynamic, who models the image of the city.
This new city is feminine friendly and ecologic.
Oo iiiiiii is a tribute to the woman who takes her life and the city in hand to save it from climatic catastrophe and bring it back to life

Oo iiiiiii expresses the pleasure of the glistening body in the air of the city, in touch with other humans.

Oo iiiiiii collection started here to broad cast about all the cities on the earth under one form or under another.