La Panacée, Montpellier, 2016

Performances, film and other artwork about Greenwashing.


Everything must be repainted green. That’s the motto, the trend. After the whitest of whites comes the greenest of greens.

Greenwashing, a phenomenon at work in the domains of economy and marketing, has spread to political parties, ordinary people, and now the art world.

Close your eyes. Everything is green!

To defy this manipulation and to redirect it, Stéphan Barron created a series of actions and works under the title Greenwatching: smoke out Green, see Green, wash Green…

Greenwatching is a series of works. Videos, installations, paintings, performances, etc.

Thanks to Emilio Laborde and to « La Panacée ».

Greenwatching from Stephan BARRON on Vimeo.