October 2017, Earth

A Participative Planetary Performance.

Pick up a speck of dust.

Displace it.

Put it back.

I invite you to participate in DUST, collective artwork…

Please see this page at http://www.technoromanticism.com/en/oeuvres/dust/

Everyone can participate; there are no specific skills required, only strong commitment and extreme concentration.

Each participant must first reflect on the feasibility of the task: What is a speck of dust? – The critical size in order to undertake the task in its entirety, from transporting the speck of dust to returning it to its original location. What path (ou: journey) will it take? Must it remain near its original position – a few micrometers away? A few meters? Or thousands of miles? You must also consider the duration of the journey and its significance: Is it symbolic? Artistic? Philosophic? Personal? Scientific? You must take the time to consider these questions and to envision the task before carrying it out.

Documentation of the task is asked of each participant in whatever form is deemed most appropriate: a written report, a drawing, a map, smartphone screenshots, photographs of the starting location from where the speck of dust was taken and then the process of returning it to its original location, etc.

Please send this documentation to Stéphan Barron through email at sb@technoromanticism.com, through Facebook messenger, or by post (ou: mail) to Stéphan Barron, LE FRUC, 3bis rue Labbé, 34000 Montpellier.

You may also keep secret your participation.

Contribution by Lucie Barron (München)

Pick up a speck of dust.

(Dust on the frame of an artwork).

Displace it.

(Iphone screenshots from the runtastic app. around Munich)

Put it back.

Contribution by Ines Piot (München)

Ines displaced a dust and put it on the different plants of her student room.